The flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the AWS cloud has facilitated the creation of packaged offerings that can apply to a variety of common user needs. Applications like Trackflix are making enterprise-level functionality available to the average AWS customer.

TrackIt recognized the increasing demand of content creators and video library owners looking to launch their own VOD and Live-Streaming websites. The team decided to leverage AWS services to build Trackflix (available on the AWS Marketplace) an all-in-one solution that provides a modern, familiar, “Netflix-like” experience for accessing video libraries. The solution enables users to quickly set up and launch their own custom catalogs to showcase and manage all their video assets from one location. 

Trackflix has undergone significant enhancements in 2023, introducing a robust Content Management System (CMS) alongside improved analytics capabilities. These additions empower content creators with efficient live channel scheduling, VOD uploading, and genre/category management. Complemented by an enhanced user interface featuring content organization by genre and category, as well as the incorporation of background and preview videos, Trackflix now offers a comprehensive and user-centric platform. The upgraded analytics ensure a deeper understanding of user behavior, making Trackflix not only a content management solution but also a data-informed and user-friendly streaming platform.

trackflix VOD Library

How Does Trackflix Stack Up Against Conventional Media Distribution Platforms?

Media distributionVideo on demand (VOD) and Live Streaming Video on demand (VOD) and Live Streaming  Video on demand (VOD) and Live Streaming (requires a subscription)Video on demand (VOD) and Live Streaming
Content RestrictionCustomizable (public, private and secured by a signed URL)Public, private, and unlistedPublic, private, and unlistedPublic, private, and unlisted
Live Video Streaming LatencyNormal Latency, Low Latency, and Ultra Low Latency (~2 seconds)Normal Latency, Low Latency, and Ultra Low Latency (~2 seconds)Customizable (public, private, and secured by a signed URL)Normal and Low Latency
Solution TypeFully customizable – complete ownershipSaaS-based solutionSaaS-based solutionSaaS-based solution
CustomizationNearly unlimitedLimited to Youtube featuresLimited to Vimeo featuresLimited
Video PlayerCustom Amazon IVS Player (low latency)Proprietary Video PlayerProprietary Video PlayerProprietary Video Player
CDNTwitch InfrastructureYouTube CDNVimeo CDNOthers CDN
Cost EffectivenessCost-EffectiveFreeExpensiveExpensive
AnalyticsAdvanced analytics capabilitiesBasic analytics
Basic analytics

Trackflix CMS (2023 Update)

The newly introduced Trackflix CMS streamlines content management with efficient live channel scheduling, ensuring optimal content planning and delivery. The platform facilitates seamless Video on Demand (VOD) uploading, fostering a dynamic and accessible content library. Additionally, the CMS offers advanced content management capabilities, allowing for precise control over genres, categories, and user permissions.

Trackflix Analytics (2023 Update)

Trackflix Analytics offers valuable insights into user behavior and ensures the overall health of the platform. They focus on two key aspects, operational and application metrics. Operational metrics provide essential information about scalability and infrastructure performance, enabling timely responses to potential challenges such as cyber threats and resource limitations. On the other hand, application metrics play a pivotal role in marketing efforts by identifying popular genres and categories, empowering the platform to deliver personalized recommendations and targeted advertising through Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI).

The integration of automated log alerts based on metric limits further enhances efficiency for DevOps or IT teams, making Trackflix Analytics an indispensable tool for both performance optimization and strategic marketing initiatives.

Media Distribution – VOD and Live Streaming

Like YouTube and Vimeo, Trackflix provides both Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming capability, but offers full control and customizability.

Content Restriction – Granular Access Controls

Like YouTube and Vimeo, Trackflix allows users to restrict content access. Trackflix users can choose to make their video assets public or private. In addition, it also gives users the additional flexibility to customize content access on a granular level, such as providing restricted access to select audiences based on their subscription type.

Live Video Streaming Latency – On Par with Big Platforms

Like YouTube and Vimeo, Trackflix offers three options for live streaming latency: 

  • Normal Latency: Ideal for live streams with no audience interaction. This is the highest quality setting and has the lowest amount of buffering. 
  • Low Latency: Ideal for near real-time interactivity during live streams. This setting allows minimal viewer buffering while maintaining quality.
  • Ultra-low Latency: Ideal for highly-interactive live streams. This setting helps maximize engagement, but may increase the chances of buffering.

The latency options that Trackflix provides are on par with big platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Trackflix users can rest assured that there is no compromise with regard to video latency or viewer experience.

Solution Type – Complete Ownership & Backed by AWS Services

YouTube and Vimeo are SaaS-based solutions, enabling users to get started with their video libraries without having to worry about IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. However, users are restricted to what the platform offers and have to store data in a provider-controlled database. Trackflix, on the other hand, is a fully-customizable solution backed by AWS services that gives companies the ability to fully own their streaming platform.

Trackflix leverages the following AWS Services: 

Customization – Unlimited

The primary drawback of off-the-shelf solutions like YouTube and Vimeo is the limited flexibility they offer. One of the key differentiating factors between Trackflix and other solutions in the marketplace is that Trackflix offers nearly unlimited customization. Companies can personalize the platform to ensure the look and feel of the interface reflects their brand identity. Companies can also set up multiple subscription levels with granular access controls that enable them to seamlessly engage with multiple audiences without any unwanted overlaps. 

The ever-evolving AWS ecosystem also opens the door to any and all customization possibilities. Companies can choose to leverage additional AWS services to extend the functionality of Trackflix. For instance, companies interested in starting streaming websites can choose to build analytics pipelines that gather viewer data in order to offer better content suggestions and enable better decision-making or add AI/ML services as part of their normal video publishing process. AWS services could also be leveraged to build custom alerts on any trigger imaginable, implement custom reporting, add paywalls to monetize specific content, add archiving capabilities, and the list goes on.

Scalability – Automatic

Trackflix is a serverless solution that scales seamlessly and automatically to maintain steady and predictable performance. 

Video Player – Customizable Amazon IVS Low Latency Player

Solutions like YouTube and Vimeo have their own proprietary video players, and companies are restricted to the video player interface that’s offered. Even when embedding YouTube videos on other websites, the same YouTube video player interface and branding are mandated. Trackflix leverages an open-source Video Player made by Amazon IVS that offers low latency and customization potential.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Twitch

YouTube and Vimeo use their own proprietary CDNs. Trackflix leverages the same CDN infrastructure as Twitch, Amazon’s video broadcasting and live streaming platform. Twitch’s strong global infrastructure serves as a solid backbone and ensures limited exposure to network latency and distribution issues.


Trackflix provides companies with the flexibility to scale up and down based on their requirements, while paying only for what they use. To further realize additional cost savings, companies could also choose to leverage a cloud cost optimization solution like the TrackIt Cost Management App.

Summary: Who is Trackflix For? When to Choose Trackflix Over Conventional Media Distribution Platforms?

Trackflix is the ideal solution for companies or individuals looking for a self-hosted, fully customizable VOD solution.

  1. Complete control and ownership of their platform
  2. Complete control and ownership of their data and media assets
  3. Easy to use and administer
  4. Cost-effective

Amazon IVS and AWS Amplify Video – The Basic  Services leveraged in Trackflix

Trackflix is composed of two key AWS Services: AWS Amplify Video and Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS)

Trackflix leverages the open-source AWS Amplify Video project to transcode uploaded video content. This service automatically generates an HLS playlist to provide video-on-demand capability. Amazon IVS is used by Trackflix for live streaming functionality. This service creates the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) URL to provide a connection to the user’s video player.

Conclusion: Leveraging AWS Services to Build Unique, Scalable, and Affordable Solutions Tailored to the Needs of the Average Media Owner and Creator

With the continued evolution in AWS services tailored to the Media and Entertainment industry, the possibilities for media companies continue to expand. Trackflix illustrates how AWS services are being combined and leveraged by partners like TrackIt to build unique, scalable, and affordable solutions tailored to the needs of the media community.

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