Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a fully-managed service that helps create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure RESTful and WebSocket APIs at any scale

Why Choose Amazon API Gateway?

Amazon API Gateway is a fundamental component in modern software development, particularly in the context of serverless architectures. It expedites API development by simplifying the setup, deployment, and management processes, facilitating the creation of RESTful and WebSocket APIs at any scale. 


API Gateway promotes modular software development, enabling the construction of decoupled applications, while adhering to best practices for robust and maintainable APIs. An ideal choice for enhancing security in software systems, it supports various authentication and authorization mechanisms, including API keys, IAM roles, and custom authorizers.




ACCELERATED API Development: Streamlines the process of creating APIs by providing tools for easy setup, deployment, and management.


MODULAR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Plays a pivotal role in modern software architecture, enabling the creation of modular and decoupled applications.


WELL-ARCHITECTED: Adheres to best practices and design patterns for building robust and maintainable APIs


SECURE: Supports authentication and authorization mechanisms including API keys, IAM roles, and custom authorizers.


API DASHBOARD: Provides a comprehensive dashboard that offers real-time insights into API usage, performance metrics, and error rates. measures.


SCALABILITY AND COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Can automatically scale to accommodate varying workloads. A serverless architecture eliminates the need for upfront provisioning and ensures that cost are incurred only for resourced consumed.

API Gateway Implementation


TrackIt specializes in architecting, building, publishing and maintaining solutions utilizing API Gateways for web and mobile applications.

API Gateways are a core component of our serverless software development suite when integrating services such as Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, or Amazon SNS.