High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Elevate capabilities and transform data processing, analysis, and innovation with high-performance computing on the AWS cloud. 


TrackIt excels in the deployment of Cloud File Storage solutions for High-Performance Computing (HPC) including Amazon EFS, Amazon FSx for Lustre, Qumulo, Weka.io, and IBM SpectrumScale (GPFS). We tailor solutions to match your specific HPC requirements, ensuring seamless data access, scalability, and performance optimization.


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Compute Resources

Harness cutting-edge compute resources, including high-performance instances, clusters, and GPU options, to accelerate data-intensive tasks and simulations.


Networking Infrastructure

Ensure that your HPC workloads remain uninterrupted and responsive with advanced networking infrastructure designed for low-latency data transfer and seamless connectivity.


Parallel Processing

Implement parallel processing solutions that enable multiple tasks to run simultaneously, significantly reducing processing times and enhancing overall efficiency.



We tailor HPC solutions to your unique needs, ensuring that your computing environment is optimized for your specific requirements and objectives.


Performance Monitoring

We implement performance monitoring tools that enable the continuous tracking and optimization of HPC resources, ensuring your system operates at its best.


Cost Monetization

Leverage flexible pricing models and resource allocation strategies to maximize the value of your HPC investments

High-Performance Computing (HPC) Implementation

FSx Lustre HPC