Tagbot is a simple, affordable, and effective tagging tool that helps monitor and manage AWS resources. Tagbot provides the visibility needed to monitor AWS resources and scale deployments without having to worry about losing track of cloud costs.

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Why Tagbot?


While AWS tags are easily available, there has been virtually no simple, cost-effective solution to ensure tags are being used effectively and most importantly, consistently! Tagbot answers the need as the only affordable, simple-to-use, and effective solution to maximizing the usage and utility of your AWS infrastructure tags.



Increased Visibility

Enhanced visibility and detailed tracking of AWS resources. Fast remediation of issues to ensure effective tagging in your AWS environment.


AI-Powered Tagging

AI assisted tagging for accurate tag categorization. Provides ongoing support for compliance, governance, cost allocation, and automation.


Dashboard Overview

Clear to understand dashboard layout to monitor resource tags. Track tag coverage and performance over time to identify potential issues.


Tag Management

Simplified organization of cloud resources with intuitive tagging. Assign new tags and delete obsolete tags to for ongoing optimization. 


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