Digital commerce solutions from AWS provide the power to accelerate innovation, drive savings, and maximize efficiencies to deliver incredible customer experiences on every channel.


TrackIt can help you architect and implement comprehensive e-commerce solutions that are designed to enhance efficiency, boost conversion rates, and provide a tailored, data-driven shopping experience for customers.


Scalable Infrastructure

Design and build resilient, scalable, and high-performing e-commerce platforms that handle traffic surges, ensuring a consistent customer experience.


OMS Pipeline 

Build a new order management system (OMS) from scratch or optimize an existing solution for maximum efficiency(order tracking, inventory, fulfillment, fraud detection, tax/duty, returns, refund, customer support, etc)


AI/ML-Powered Data Augmentation

Unlock the full potential of your data. From customer insights to inventory optimization, our AI/ML models transform raw data into actionable intelligence.


Web & Mobile App Development

Leveraging our expertise in crafting intuitive e-commerce websites and mobile apps, ensure seamless, scalable, and fast shopping experiences on technologies such as Shopify or on AWS infrastructure.



Leveraging AI/ML insights, we help you create personalized user experiences that drive engagement and boost sales.


Global Financial Reporting with Data Lake

We specialize in harnessing the power of data lakes to derive comprehensive financial insights. Our approach ensures streamlined reporting, facilitating data-driven decisions that enhance fiscal strategy and performance in a worldwide market.


Accounting Standards

Generate formal financial ledgers from highly customizable accounting rules. We help ensure that your unique accounting standards are met while providing granular data in a format readily compatible with various accounting software.


Cost-Optimized Solution

Unlike off-the-shelf alternatives, we help you implement a cost-effective solution that adapts seamlessly to fluctuating traffic and operational demands.



Solutions implemented by TrackIt are designed to be fully compliant with legal, accounting, tax, and additional compliance requirements including GDPR and CCPA.