TrackIt can help implement comprehensive blockchain solutions on AWS. Our expertise encompasses every aspect of blockchain development, from network design to smart contract creation.



With services such as Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain, AWS is an ideal platform for developing and managing robust blockchain solutions. 


With a keen focus on security, scalability, and efficiency, we ensure your blockchain applications seamlessly integrate with your AWS infrastructure, delivering transparency and trust in your digital transactions.



Blockchain Security

Utilize robust security features offered by AWS to ensure that your blockchain network is configured with the appropriate access controls, encryption, and monitoring to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.



Leverage AWS’s scalable infrastructure to ensure that your blockchain network can scale to meet the demands of your growing user base or data volume.


Cost Optimization

Choose flexible pricing models to maximize the value of your cloud investments. Identify opportunities for resource optimization while benefiting from the cost-efficiency of the AWS


Integration and Interoperability

Enable your blockchain solution to seamlessly interact with other systems or platforms. Integrate between your blockchain network and existing databases, applications, or third-party services.



Ensure adherence to industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements. Establish data control mechanisms, access controls, and audit trails to confirm that your blockchain network conforms to the necessary standards for your industry and geographic location.


Data Management

Comprehensive data management solutions on AWS help ensure the integrity of your blockchain network. We help you implement data storage, backup, and recovery strategies tailored to your needs, safeguarding your critical data.