Our Incredible Team

Get to know the team dedicated to changing the way you manage your cloud deployments.

Ludovic Francois


Master Degree in Computer Science at EPITA in Paris

Brad Winett


BSEE, University of Illinois

Hrant Novikov

Director of Engineering

California State University-Northridge

Alexis Le Dinh

Lead Front-end Engineer

Master Degree at EPITECH - European Institute of Technology


DevOps Engineer

Michel Khater

Director of Sales

Master degree in Entrepreneurship - Montpellier University

Leticia Torres

Project Manager

University of California Santa Barbara

Romain Zanchi

DevOps Engineer

Master Degree at EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

Hugo Schoch

Front-end Engineer

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

Thibaut Cornolti

DevOps Engineer

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

Victor Giubilei

DevOps Engineer

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology
    • Over 10 years of experience in cloud and data
    • AWS certified solution architects
    • DevOps chops, Software Engineers, Cloud and Data Enthusiasts

Our Customers

We work with clients in various industries to help them tackle cloud deployment challenges. Our customers belong to Media & Entertainment, Start-Up, VARs, Gaming, Storage, and other industries.

Mission Statement

Saving you time and money so you can do more while you spend less.


TrackIt’s easy-to-read charts help you keep track of your cloud resource usage and cloud deployment’s cost


TrackIt offers suggestions to rightsize your cloud resources to match your utilization pattern and optimize your ROI


TrackIt gives you the ability to customize a workflow for your cloud, making it easier than ever to automate your cloud deployment changes

How to Optimize Your ROI



Sync TrackIt with your cloud deployments to start managing them in a centralized platform.


Track and monitor trends in daily usage and their associated costs


Compare actual resource utilization patterns to maximum utilization capacity for all resources


Follow TrackIt suggestions to rightsize your resources and optimize your ROI

Introducing TrackIt Cloud Monitoring System

Leverage TrackIt To Better Manage Your Cloud Deployment