Cloud Consulting Experience

Assessments, Optimizations & Remediation
♦   Well-Architected Reviews and Best Practices
♦   Cost Optimization
♦   Security
♦   Performance
Solution Design
♦   Architecture and Implementation
♦   Project Management
♦   Software Development, UI/UX, Back-End & API Integration
♦   Lift & Shift
♦   DevOps, CI/CD & Software Development
♦   Containerization / Serverless Transformation
♦   Deployment
♦   Testing

Use Cases

AWS Cost Optimization
♦   Case Study: ClixTV
♦   Case Study: Muzeek
♦   Case Study: Paradox Interactive

clixtv logo for devops pagemuzeek logo for devops pageparadox interactive for devops page




♦   Lift & Shift: Case Study: Healthline Medical News Today
♦   Containerization: Case Study: Sinfin

♦   Kubernetes Training : Blog

♦   SQL⇔NoSQL ETL Pipeline: Technical Blog
♦   CI/CD Pipeline: Case Study: Technical Blog
♦   Log Monitoring With ElasticSearch & Kibana: Technical Blog
♦   AWS API Gateway with Cognito Using Serverless: Technical Blog
♦   ElasticSearch Caching with Reddis: Technical Blog

♦   Data Pipeline Architecture Optimization and Apache Airflow Implementation: White Paper

♦   CloudFormation to Terraform Translation: White Paper

♦  Cognito & Amplify – Login & Authentication Framework: White Paper

♦   Application Infrastructure Deployment: Adobe Magento Blog
♦   Public Access to Private S3 Bucket: Pre-signed URL pipeline

♦   How TrackIt Uses Tagbot Internally: Blog

♦   Data Lake Implementation: Bundle Case Study 


Learn more about the new AWS tool to improve application ability: DevOps Guru