Data Insights

Data Insights helps transform disparate data into actionable insights that keep you aligned with your business objectives.


Extending beyond the conventional practices of merely storing and cataloging data in data lakes or warehouses, our comprehensive offering goes the extra mile by incorporating interactive dashboards, visualizations, and detailed reports. This multifaceted approach is crafted to empower your organization not only to manage data effectively but also to gain valuable insights that propel you ahead of the curve, facilitating informed and strategic decision-making.

At the heart of our offering is the emphasis on transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. The interactive dashboards provide a user-friendly interface, allowing stakeholders to dynamically explore and interact with data. This not only enhances accessibility but also enables users to derive meaningful insights in real-time. The visualizations further amplify the understanding of complex datasets, translating intricate information into easily digestible formats. Whether it’s identifying trends, patterns, or outliers, our visualizations empower users at all levels to grasp the nuances of data effortlessly.

The Data Insights process is divided into 3 phases: 

Phase 1: Discovery

Involves identifying data sources and transformation requirements to select the best architecture for ingest, processing, and analysis.

Duration: ~ 50 hours

Goals & Objectives

  • Improving data accessibility
  • Enabling self-service analytics
  • Accelerating time-to-insights
  • Facilitating data-driven decision-making
  • Fostering innovation

Design Considerations

  • Choosing between a data lake or warehouse
  • Data ingest patterns 
  • Data transformation requirements
  • Data access patterns
  • Security and compliance requirements
  • Integration with existing systems


  • Data lake or warehouse architectural design
  • Blueprint for data lake or warehouse service delivery

Phase 2: Delivery

Involves the implementation of a Data Lake or Data Warehouse that aligns with specified goals and objectives.

Duration: 2-3 Weeks for Small Implementations, 3+ Weeks for Larger Implementations

Data Lake

  • Configuration of Amazon S3 for data storage, TTL, versioning
  • Configuration of AWS Glue of data cataloging and ETL
  • Integrating AWS Athena for serverless querying
  • Adding AWS EMR for big data processing (optional)
  • Ingesting and configuring the data lake/warehouse
  • Extracting, transforming, and loading data with AWS Glue 
  • Managing the data catalog and metadata
  • Setting up data governance and access control per best practices

Data Warehouse

  • Configuration of Amazon Redshift for data storage and querying
  • Configuration of data structure, tables, and schema
  • Ingesting the data in the data warehouse
  • Setting up data governance and access control per best practices
  • Analyzing and visualizing data

Phase 3: Delivery

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial implementation. Data Insights includes a monthly check-in where we review data and insights, fine-tune data sources, and identify any areas of improvement.

Data Insights can also be combined with CloudWise, our Managed Services offering, to ensure the optimization of your entire AWS infrastructure.

Factors that influence cost

Number of data sources
Amount of data ingested
Number of required users (author and reader)
Number of dashboards and visualizations
Frequency of data refresh