Cost Manager

Cost Manager monitors AWS resources and helps optimize spending. Maximize the value of cloud deployments with features such as spend tracking, cost optimization insights, and anomaly detection.


AWS Spend Tracking: Tracks AWS resource expenditures and provides a clear overview of spending patterns.

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Cost Optimization Insights: Offers actionable insights to enhance the cost-effectiveness of your AWS deployments.

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Reserved Instance Management: Efficiently handles reserved instances, aiding in maximizing cost savings without compromising performance.

Screenshot 2020 01 20 06.39.02 RI recommendations 1

Instance Upgrade Suggestions: Provides suggestions for upgrading instances to better align with performance needs and cost considerations.

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Trend Analysis: Identifies spending patterns over time, aiding in long-term financial planning.

Screenshot 2020 01 20 06.40.48 Trend Analysis 1

Tag Management: Enables organized resource tagging, simplifying cost allocation and management.

cost management app tags

Anomaly Detection and Alerts: Detects anomalies and sends alerts, ensuring prompt attention to irregular spending or usage behavior.

Screenshot 2020 01 20 06.44.32 Anomaly Detection

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