TrackIt’s multi-key functionality allows you to sync all your cloud deployments across cloud providers. TrackIt offers you insights into all your cloud operational and financial metrics through easy to read graphs.

Resource Utilization and Optimization

TrackIt provides organizations spend analysis across each specific instance from each of the cloud deployments. TrackIt’s A.I. offers suggestions to help optimize cloud resources based on actual resource utilization.


TrackIt’s easy to use automation feature allows you to design your workflow and apply the changes directly to your cloud deployment(s). Moving data from one cloud to another is as simple as a few clicks.


TrackIt for Enterprise

Does your company host their data in AWS, GCP, and/or MS Azure? Enhance your cloud experience by using TrackIt to monitor your cloud spend and resource utilization, and to automate your workflow! Learn more about the exclusive benefits of TrackIt by requesting a demo and enjoy a free trial.

TrackIt for MSPs

If you are an MSP, TrackIt will simplify your tasks of actively analyzing your client’s cloud deployment to improve operations. TrackIt’s extensive list of features includes both summarized and comprehensive reports to assist you and your clients with monitoring, resource optimization, and workflow automation.

TrackIt for Resellers

Cloud resellers can pass on TrackIt’s benefits to clients! If you are a reseller and your clients are searching for a product that will help them better understand their cloud deployments, TrackIt is a great solution! Contact the team at TrackIt to learn how both you and your clients can benefit from using TrackIt.


Cloud Transformation

Are you considering moving some or all of your workflows to the cloud? TrackIt’s team can perform a comprehensive analysis of your current workflow and strategize which workflows are excellent candidates for the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Once you have decided which workflows you will move to the cloud, TrackIt’s team will provide a detailed breakdown of your current services and their cloud equivalent along with their associated cost. TrackIt’s team will devise a roadmap to deploy those services in the cloud.

Cloud Optimization

TrackIt reveals how much money is being allocated to each specific resource across each of your cloud deployments. Detailed views of your resources reveal actual utilization compared to their capacity. TrackIt’s A.I. offers suggestions to help you optimize your cloud resources based on your resource utilization.

Cloud Software Development

TrackIt’s team is dedicated to enhancing all cloud users’ experience. If you are looking for a new s3 connector or an IAM UI, we are here to help! Our team will develop custom software that meets your specific needs.

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