Does your company host their data in AWS, GCP, and/or MS Azure? Enhance your cloud experience by using TrackIt to monitor your cloud spend, optimize resource utilization, and to automate your workflow! Learn more about the exclusive benefits of TrackIt by Requesting a demo and Enjoying a free trial.

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Monitoring Service

TrackIt’s multi-key functionality allows you to sync all your cloud deployments across cloud providers. TrackIt offers you insights into all your cloud operational and financial metrics through easy to read graphs

Resource Utilization and Optimization

TrackIt provides organizations spend analysis across cloud products from each of their cloud deployments. TrackIt’s A.I. offers suggestions to help optimize ROI based on actual resource utilization.


TrackIt’s easy to use automation feature allows you to design your workflow and apply the changes directly to your cloud deployments. Moving data from one cloud to another is as simple as a few clicks.

Benefits of Using TrackIt

TrackIt users get a better understanding of their cloud deployment through summarized charts and customized suggestions from TrackIt’s A.I.

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Introducing TrackIt Cloud Monitor System

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