Migrate to AWS

With our thorough assessment process, fast deployment strategies, and innovative software development services, we can help you migrate your workloads to the AWS cloud.


Our cloud consulting and software development services are tailored to meet the specific needs of media and entertainment companies seeking to harness the power of the AWS cloud. Migrating workloads to the cloud in this industry requires a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise from the intricacies of media workflows, content delivery, and performance demands. We have positioned ourselves as a leader in facilitating the seamless migration of media companies to the AWS cloud.


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1. Assessment

Identify workloads that need to be moved to the cloud

A comprehensive review of the existing system is conducted to identify the specific workloads that are candidates for migration. Not only does this step encompass a technical evaluation of the current infrastructure, but it also delves into the finer details of security requirements and compliance considerations.


2. Mobilization

Build a well-optimized environment within the AWS ecosystem.

Based on the unique requirements of the applications, the deployment of resources such as storage, compute, and databases is orchestrated. This step aims to create a tailored AWS environment that aligns with the distinct needs of the applications.


3. Migration

Transition from the legacy infrastructure to the new AWS setup.

This step encompasses the cutover process, where workloads are shifted from the old system to the freshly established AWS deployment. Meticulous testing and verification help ensure that all processes and functionalities are operating seamlessly within the new environment.

Our Approach

We conduct a thorough assessment that delves into the specific requirements and nuances of your media workflows. This comprehensive understanding enables us to design and implement solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives. Leveraging fast deployment strategies, we expedite the migration process without compromising on the integrity of your applications, data, or workflows.

In addition to migration services, TrackIt also excels in providing innovative software development services that cater to the evolving needs of media and entertainment companies in the AWS cloud environment. Whether it’s optimizing content delivery, enhancing media processing workflows, or leveraging advanced AWS services for media analytics, our software development expertise ensures that your applications not only function seamlessly in the cloud but also unlock new levels of efficiency and performance.