Sinfin is a full-service digital design agency for brands that want to upgrade their visual content and brand marketing strategies. The agency specializes in UX/UI design, e-commerce, and mobile & web app development. The agency has offices in France (Rosières-près-Troyes, Paris) and in the United States (San Francisco). 


Sinfin offers its commercial experience platform SpreadSuite for brands and distributors. Spreadsuite is a complete strategic tool that allows companies to manage, analyze and deliver all of their digital tools from a unique centralized platform and helps deliver optimal customer experiences.

The Need for a Solution That Simplifies Deployments & Automates Updates

Sinfin was looking for a solution that would address two requirements:

(1) The company needed a solution that would help simplify the deployment of the SpreadSuite platform for new clients. For each new client that subscribes to SpreadSuite, a separate instance of the platform needs to be launched. The Sinfin team’s initial approach to deployment was time-consuming and involved manually configuring the platform for each new client.

(2) The Sinfin team also wanted a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline that would help them automatically update the SpreadSuite platform across all client environments at once. The absence of a CI/CD pipeline was forcing the Sinfin team to repetitively update individual client versions of SpreadSuite whenever a new version of the platform was published.

“Our requirements were two-fold. First, for new clients, we wanted to be able to quickly deploy a new version of SpreadSuite and minimize the time it takes for them to get started on the platform. Second, for clients already using SpreadSuite, we wanted a CI/CD pipeline that would allow us to automatically update all client versions whenever we release a new version of the platform.”
    – Romain Delon, Lead Web Developer, Sinfin

Having sought TrackIt’s expertise in the past, Sinfin decided to partner with TrackIt once again to address these challenges. The TrackIt team stepped in and provided Sinfin with the knowledge and specialized expertise to design a solution that was tailored to the company’s requirements.


The TrackIt team helped Sinfin package the SpreadSuite platform into a Docker container to streamline the platform’s deployment and to ensure that it runs independently. 

Once the application was containerized, the TrackIt team configured a Terraform module that leverages GitLab CI/CD to simplify and automate the deployments of SpreadSuite for new clients. The solution was implemented in a manner that enables the Sinfin team to quickly deploy SpreadSuite for new clients. To deploy a fresh SpreadSuite environment all the Sinfin team has to do is add the client’s name to a JSON file. 

Upon addition of a new client name to the JSON file, the client infrastructure is deployed. This involves:

♦ The generation of a new SFTP account with a random password leveraging AWS’s Secrets Manager service
♦ The creation of the SpreadSuite static file for the new client on S3

The TrackIt team also assisted Sinfin in making infrastructure choices that would help deploy SpreadSuite in a Serverless configuration using AWS Fargate. This decision helped ensure that the Sinfin team no longer had to worry about provisioning servers.

Lastly, the TrackIt team leveraged GitLab CI/CD to provide the Sinfin team with a simple and easy-to-run CI/CD pipeline that helps them automatically update all client versions of the SpreadSuite platform at once.

TrackIt’s Expertise

Having already collaborated with TrackIt in the past, Jeremy Domingo, CEO of Sinfin, was more than confident in the TrackIt team’s ability to deliver. Jeremy and his team were very pleased with the TrackIt team’s knowledge and understanding of AWS coupled with its ability to design and implement a solution that was tailored to their requirements.

“The TrackIt team’s knowledge and expertise in AWS has been of great value to us and has enabled us to come up with the exact infrastructure we need without having to worry about extra costs.”
    – Romain Delon, Lead Web Developer, Sinfin

“We worked with TrackIt in the past and were super pleased with the results. You guys are very professional and really good at what you do. I wanted to have the same experience with my new project and once again, am super happy with the results.” 
    – Jeremy Domingo, CEO, Sinfin

Q. Would you Recommend TrackIt to other companies looking to implement similar solutions? Why?

A. “To be honest, I wouldn’t want any of my competitors to know about TrackIt! But jokes aside, TrackIt is a really good choice and I would advise people to go ahead and partner up with TrackIt. Right now, when I see what’s happening in France… With the OVH data center in Strasbourg literally burning last week, there were around 3.6 million websites that went down in France. I am super pleased to have worked with TrackIt and AWS to securely move our platform to the cloud.”” 
    – Jeremy Domingo, CEO, Sinfin


♦ The need for a solution to simplify the deployment of the SpreadSuite platform for new clients
♦ The need for a CI/CD pipeline to automatically update client versions of SpreadSuite


♦ Docker Container running on AWS Fargate
♦ GitLab CI


♦ Simplified deployment of SpreadSuite for new clients
♦ A CI/CD pipeline that automatically updates all client versions of the SpreadSuite platform

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