Cloud Transformation

Are you considering moving some or all of your workflows to the cloud? TrackIt’s team can perform a comprehensive analysis of your current workflow and strategize which workflows are excellent candidates for the cloud. TrackIt’s team will compare cost and benefits of workflows on premise versus those that are deployed in the cloud.

Address Your Biggest Pain Points

TrackIt will analyze your current infrastructure and workflow pain points. If these pain points can be eliminated with a cloud solution, that workflow will be an excellent candidate to move into the cloud.

Cost Comparison: On-Prem vs. Cloud

Are cost differences stopping you from migrating your infrastructure to the cloud? Our team will build a cost model outlining your total cost of ownership for an on-prem infrastructure versus a cloud deployment.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

TrackIt engineers are certified AWS Solutions Architects and can answer all your cloud-related questions to help you decide if your organization will benefit from having your infrastructure hosted on the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Once you have decided which workflows you will move to the cloud, TrackIt’s team will provide a detailed breakdown of your current services and their cloud equivalent along with their associated cost. TrackIt’s team will devise a roadmap to deploy those services in the cloud. The roadmap will indicate how to successfully conduct a migration of services from on-premise to the cloud without interrupting their functionality and regular use.

Cloud Optimization

TrackIt reveals how much money is being allocated to each specific resource across each of your cloud deployments. Detailed views of your resources reveal actual utilization compared to their capacity. Rightsizing cloud resources can help you maximize their usage while helping you cut costs. TrackIt’s A.I. offers suggestions to help you optimize your ROI based on your resource utilization.

Monitor Resources

Get an inside look into your cloud operational metrics to understand resource usage patterns. View total bandwidth, CPU, I/O, and storage usage for your deployed resources. Compare actual utilization to resource capacity

Optimize ROI

TrackIt’s A.I. offers suggestions to rightsize your resources to better match your utilization patterns. Get the most out of your resources while cutting down on cloud costs.

Cloud Software Development

TrackIt’s team is dedicated to enhancing all cloud users’ experience. If you are looking for a new s3 connector or an IAM UI, we are here to help! Our team will develop custom software that meets your specific needs.

Internal Software Applications

TrackIt was originally founded as a consulting company, our roots in consulting have exposed our team to various software development projects for some of America’s top companies. Customers include media giants, innovative startups, gaming companies, and more.

Third Party Integrations

If your business needs a third party integration, TrackIt’s team can help. We have experience with building S3 connectors to help with recurring billing platforms, and our team of engineers continues to work with innovative solutions to continue enhancing all cloud users’ experiences.

Cloud Applications

TrackIt’s diverse team of engineers are experienced with building entire applications from conception to launch. With dedicated engineers and project managers, your cloud applications will be developed exactly to your standards and beyond your expectations.

Introducing TrackIt Cloud Monitoring System

Leverage TrackIt To Better Manage Your Cloud Deployment