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In a world where balancing work and life can be a daily challenge, today’s employees require personalized support.

Bundle stands out as the premier 1:1 live skill development solution, dedicated to human-centric skills. Bundle curates and delivers live content, facilitated by trained experts, designed to empower skill growth and enhance performance. 

Bundle believes human-to-human live learning builds lasting skills. And we know that lasting skills build resilient organizations. The future of learning is human. 

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The Initial Need for Deeper Expertise in Amazon Chime SDK

In April 2020, Bundle was looking for a partner that would help the company build a full platform. The company initially engaged with an application development agency that it had worked with in the past to build an initial platform. The problem, however, was that the initial environment was minimal and lacked the necessary flexibility that Bundle was looking for. The Bundle team wanted to add certain features using the Amazon Chime SDK that the application development agency was unable to implement.

“Our initial app development agency helped us build out a platform but it was very minimal and there was no flexibility in what we could and couldn’t do. We were told that we couldn’t do a lot of things, specifically in relation to Amazon Chime SDK. When we decided to talk to the AWS team about these issues, we learned that a lot of the things we wanted were quite possible and that TrackIt could help us implement these updates right away.”

– Jordan Smith, Chief of Staff, Bundle

“After several months of QA on our end we identified over 300 issues, many that the development company did not have the capability to fix, as they indicated they would need to time “figure it out”; Amazon Chime embedded functionality, metrics, proper tagging and searching, server performance and stability… etc. As our platform is our livelihood, we enlisted the help of TrackIt to resolve these problems.”

– Liz V., Chief of Innovation and Strategy, Bundle

The Bundle team decided to partner with TrackIt, on AWS’s recommendation, to implement the required Amazon Chime SDK updates and also update the entire platform.

Implementation & Partnership

The TrackIt team helped Bundle quickly implement the required Amazon Chime SDK updates and then proceeded to work on a series of updates that would enhance the platform’s performance and flexibility. The Bundle team was initially keen on addressing the immediate requirements related to Amazon Chime SDK but was also looking to identify a long-term partner that would help the company build and evolve the Bundle platform – and TrackIt fit the bill.

“AWS recommended TrackIt and a few other companies. After meeting with Ludo and Brad and seeing their top-notch engagement, willingness to work with us and provide us a flexible pricing model and their attention to detail we knew they were the right partner for us.” 

– Liz V., Chief of Innovation and Strategy, Bundle

“We were initially looking for a short-term fix. We needed someone who could fix these Chime SDK-related issues we were running into. However, we were also looking for a long-term partner because we don’t have an internal dev team. We had just been burnt pretty hard in the past and we were looking for someone who could point us in the right direction and give us the right advice. TrackIt has done just that. Now we find ourselves leaning more and more on the TrackIt team and it’s very much a partnership.”

– Jordan Smith, Chief of Staff, Bundle

TrackIt’s Expertise

The Bundle team was very pleased with TrackIt’s expertise, flexibility, and transparency. Jordan Smith, Chief of Staff at Bundle was particularly impressed with the TrackIt team’s responsiveness and reliability whenever it mattered the most.

It’s really nice to be able to talk to people that are more technical who can tell us what we can and cannot do, and also WHY. This is one major difference I’ve noticed working with TrackIt. In our last partnership, we were primarily talking to the sales and marketing staff and this led to a lot of confusion in regards to what was or wasn’t possible. Also, the accessibility and transparency set TrackIt apart. Whenever there’s an issue, I can quickly contact the TrackIt team and it’s usually fixed immediately. If it’s not, there are always updates on when it will be fixed.”

– Jordan Smith, Chief of Staff, Bundle

“The qualities that stood out are the high level of customer engagement and how attentive the TrackIt team is. Ludo and Brad are on nearly every call to ensure our needs are being heard and met, we are tracking and prioritizing tasks, and most importantly that we are happy with the service we are getting. We greatly appreciate the high-touch engagement the entire TrackIt team provides.”

– Liz V., Chief of Innovation and Strategy, Bundle

Q. Would you Recommend TrackIt to other companies looking to implement similar solutions? Why?

A. “Definitely. I think we are so lucky to have found you guys. It honestly has been a true partnership. I feel like that word gets pushed around a lot but I feel like I have full trust in the TrackIt team.”

– Jordan Smith, Chief of Staff, Bundle

“I would strongly recommend TrackIt to a company looking to develop a new web platform. TrackIt is a kind of company that prides themselves on delivering thoughtful recommendations to their clients that make sense to them based on their individual needs. I know that when they provide us their recommendation they are looking out for our best interests and needs. TrackIt is an exceptional partner who really listens to their clients and strives to go above and beyond to deliver time and time again.”

– Liz V., Chief of Innovation and Strategy, Bundle


  • The need for deeper expertise in Amazon Chime SDK
  • The need for a long-term app development partner


  • Amazon Chime SDK Expertise


  • Implementation of Amazon Chime SDK features
  • A successful partnership between TrackIt and Bundle

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