ClixTV’s Need for Accurate Cloud Cost Control

ClixTV is an early stage company in the AVOD (Ad-based Video On Demand) industry and specializes in providing its viewers with celebrity-focused content.

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Eric Januszko, the company’s CTO naturally recognized the need for a system that would allow them to manage their cloud costs on AWS.

Having already faced the challenge of not being able to accurately track expenses on AWS, Eric acknowledged the fact that they required a platform like TrackIt to better predict, manage, and control their cloud spend. He found the estimates provided by the AWS pricing calculator to be severely lacking in accuracy.

“When you compare the pricing calculator’s approximation from before you get started and when you look at the end bill. You’re like… ‘None of this makes any sense!’”

– Eric Januszko

TrackIt’s Value Transcends Mere Cost Control

Eric took an immediate liking to TrackIt’s approach towards cloud cost control and management. He found the platform to be extremely easy-to-use and appreciated the clear and concise information that it provides for a variety of audiences, both technical and nontechnical.

But that’s not all. Eric also recognized that the value provided by TrackIt could allow him to accurately predict and monitor the cloud costs for some of ClixTV’s campaigns, hence giving him an immense analytical edge in his operations.

“I see the value of TrackIt , not just from understanding my costs, but also adding additional analytics and business intelligence to my overall analytics play.”

– Eric Januszko

The Imminent Mega Shift to the Cloud

Eric states that in the next 3-5 years, there will be a wholesale shift of the traditional enterprise moving from onpremise to the cloud and he further emphasizes the importance of having a platform like TrackIt that will allow companies to accurately monitor and control their cloud costs.

“Companies eventually moving from on-prem to the cloud will be looking for ways to manage these costs. And the [currently] available tools on these cloud platforms are horrible.”

– Eric Januszko

ClixTV’s Challenge(s):

The lack of means to accurately predict cloud costs on AWS

Highly inaccurate pricing calculator cost estimates

The need for a system that helps monitor and track AWS costs easily


TrackIt’s Resource & Cost Optimization AI


Increased Visibility: Accurate information on how and where money is being spent on AWS

Improved resource & cost optimization on AWS

More control over resources deployed in AWS

Accurate cloud cost prediction

More time saved

Additional analytics helping the client in gaining more business intelligence

Increased confidence in AWS usage

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