Cobra USA understands that it takes more than raw materials and some equipment to turn steel into high-quality exhaust systems and accessories. There is passion, innovation, talent, and an inspired workforce that collaborates to make the best products possible for motorcycles. Cobra USA makes the best exhaust systems and accessories for American V-Twin motorcycles.

Today, Cobra is the leading aftermarket cruiser product manufacturer, offering a full line of performance parts and accessories. Nearing its fifth decade, the company continues its tradition of offering high-quality exhausts and accessories, providing a rich pallet from which a rider can create his very own, highly personalized motorcycle.

The Need to Migrate

In August of 2020, Cobra USA needed to urgently migrate its website away from a cloud provider that was shuttering its hosting business. The company was looking for a quick and easy lift-and-shift of its infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. Mission, a partner of TrackIt, made the introduction to assist Cobra in its migration.

“From the first conversation, we felt really comfortable working with your team knowing that you could lead us through an area that we were unfamiliar with. Going to a cloud-based service was new for us and having someone with the right expertise created a level of comfort for us right from the beginning.”
        – Camron Bussard, VP of Sales & Marketing, Cobra USA

Cobra USA Architecture 1

To implement this lift-and-shift, the TrackIt and Cobra USA teams decided to employ CloudEndure Migration, AWS’s highly-automated lift-and-shift solution that simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of cloud migration. CloudEndure Migration conducts continuous, blocklevel data replication of source machines into a staging area in a user’s AWS account without causing any downtime or impacting performance.

The process of migrating the website was quite simple and straightforward. The TrackIt team created VPCs and networking with Terraform. The team later installed the CloudEndure agent on Cobra USA’s machine and the rest of the process was handled by CloudEndure. The website was up and running just two hours later on AWS.

Needing Permission From AWS to Send Customer Support Emails

The only challenge the teams encountered during the migration was one related to customer support emails being blocked by AWS. The AWS instance being used by Cobra USA was sending emails to a mail server at a company not hosted on AWS. These emails were being blocked by AWS in order to prevent spam that would trigger a blacklisting of the IP address attached to the instance.

After an extensive period of troubleshooting, the TrackIt team realized that contacting a mail server from an AWS instance requires permission from AWS and resolved the issue by opening a support ticket on the AWS platform to enable Cobra USA to send emails from its AWS instance.

TrackIt’s Expertise

TrackIt’s work with Cobra USA not only highlights TrackIt’s expertise in implementing migrations from on-premise to the AWS Cloud, but also demonstrates the TrackIt team’s ability to troubleshoot and overcome unforeseen challenges that occur during migrations.

Camron Bussard, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cobra USA was notably impressed by the TrackIt team’s expertise and the quality of communication that was maintained throughout the migration process.

“The communication was always terrific. We would have our weekly meetings and there was always an update on what was going on. It was important that your team was educating us on what was going on and what needed to happen. This constant communication was essential to the success of the transfer and it was a big piece that made me feel very comfortable.”
        – Camron Bussard, VP of Sales & Marketing, Cobra USA

Q: Would you Recommend TrackIt to other companies looking to migrate to the AWS Cloud? Why?

A: Absolutely! We were in a very intense situation with a short timeline and you guys delivered not just on time but early. And it was done in a way that made me feel comfortable throughout the process.
        – Camron Bussard, VP of Sales & Marketing, Cobra USA

Cobra USA’s Challenge:

Migrate multiple storage silos, both Windows and Apple based, from on-prem to the AWS cloud


CloudEndure Migration


Complete website migration from on-premise to AWS in a 2 hour cutover window

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