The Idea Behind CloudScore – A Simple Means to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Cloud Optimization Efforts

The challenge of cloud cost optimization on AWS is definitely not one that is uncomplicated or easily addressed. The complex diversity of optimization maneuvers, especially on a platform like AWS often leads to users wondering if there’s a way for them to accurately measure and track the effectiveness of their optimization efforts.

This naturally pronounces the need for a simple and concrete means for users to quickly gain a global view of how well their accounts are optimized and to identify the areas which need to be improved.

A solution that addresses such a need would not only allow users to measure their progress, but it would also help them to maintain a certain degree of consistency in their cloud optimization efforts.

CloudScore – A Simple Solution to a Complex Challenge

CloudScore serves as a simple solution to the often complex issue of cost and resource optimization on AWS. The feature’s true beauty lies in its simplicity.

CloudScore provides users with two types of scores: A score for each specific optimization area, calculated using a unique test, and a global score which is the average of all scores. In addition to the scores, a simple color code – red, yellow, and green – allows users to quickly see how each specific optimization area is performing and to potentially identify areas that require attention.

Furthermore, intelligent suggestions and information are provided by the AI in order to optimize each specific area and improve the overall score. The straightforward framework helps users to easily stay on track and maintain a degree of consistency in their cost and resource optimization efforts on AWS.

A Feature Inspired by Credit Karma

The initial idea for CloudScore emerged from that of Credit Karma, an online tool that offers information, reports, and insights for users seeking to improve their credit scores.

After using Credit Karma, Ludovic Francois, TrackIt’s CEO quickly recognized the effectiveness of using scores to gamify and simplify complex challenges. Ludovic realized that the same gamification principle could skillfully be applied to the cloud cost optimization experience in order to provide users with a simple means to optimize their ROI on AWS.

Gamification Leading to Effective Optimization

As mentioned in an earlier section, the simplicity of CloudScore is what makes it truly effective. As soon as a user is given access his/her CloudScore, the natural urge is to try and improve it. When this desire to do better is coupled with the right information provided through a simple and easy-to-understand interface, better optimization becomes inevitable.

Without such a concrete means of evaluating the effectiveness of one’s optimization efforts, trying to effectively use a cloud cost and resource optimization tool like TrackIt could possibly be like shooting darts in the dark.

Furthermore, the added gamification angle fuels a healthy sense of competition between users. With each party aiming for the highest score possible, separate divisions within a company, and even between different companies altogether would be incentivized to strive for a better CloudScore.
Below is a screenshot of how CloudScore looks on the TrackIt cost and resource optimization platform.

Cloudscore on TrackIt cost optimization platform

Each specific plugin has its own assigned score with a color code that allows users to quickly assess how much optimization is still required for each plugin.

List of Plugins

The following is a list of plugins that CloudScore currently checks and provides scores for:
• Billing details
• Reserved Instances usage ra1o
• Tag compliance ra1o
• Unused EBS
• EIP unattached
• ELB traffic
• EC2 network
• S3 traffic
CloudScore is currently in a phase of rapid evolution and new plugins are being added on a weekly basis.

Key Benefits of CloudScore

The following is a list of CloudScore’s key benefits:
• Cost & resource optimization on AWS
• Visibility
• Birds-eye-view of how an account is performing
• Accessibility: Easy-to-understand
• Quick optimization with information and suggestions provided by the AI
• Simple means to remain consistent in one’s efforts to optimize ROI on AWS
• Enhanced performance and efficiency with gamification

About TrackIt

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