Specialized AWS Programs

Well-Architected Framework

TrackIt provides AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews that guide you in building solutions using established best-practices for secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective AWS cloud solutions.  And these reviews are at no cost to you!

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Media2Cloud Video AI/ML

TrackIt helps its clients implement Media2Cloud, an AWS managed service to automatically extract content metadata from video.  It is a serverless end-to-end ingest workflow designed to help migrate your video assets and associated metadata to the cloud.

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Chime SDK

TrackIt can design custom interactive interfaces using the Amazon Chime SDK, a set of real-time communications components that can be used to quickly add audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities to web or mobile applications.

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DevOps Guru

TrackIt can help you implement Amazon DevOps Guru, a Machine Learning (ML) powered service that makes it easy to improve an application’s operational performance and availability. DevOps Guru detects behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns so you can identify operational issues long before they impact your customers.

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API Gateway

API Gateways are a key component for building serverless application solutions using modern software development principles. TrackIt can help design or migrate legacy applications to a scalable, cost effective serverless architecture.

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