About Bundle

In a world where balancing work and life can be a daily challenge, today’s employees require personalized support.

Bundle stands out as the premier 1:1 live skill development solution, dedicated to human-centric skills. Bundle curates and delivers live content, facilitated by trained experts, designed to empower skill growth and enhance performance. 

Bundle believes human-to-human live learning builds lasting skills. And we know that lasting skills build resilient organizations. The future of learning is human. 

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Bundle’s Solutions

The Need for DevOps Expertise to Migrate to a More Optimized, Highly-Available, and Controlled Environment

Bundle was seeking a more robust hosting solution over their previous managed cloud platform which lacked the desired control over infrastructure. The company was looking for a reliable environment for its website that would provide scalability and transparency. Bundle sought TrackIt’s DevOps expertise to address these performance issues with their existing infrastructure while migrating to a more optimized AWS cloud environment.

TrackIt migrated Bundle’s previous database to an Amazon RDS database, giving the company complete control over its data. The backend of Bundle’s web application was migrated to AWS using Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service). After the migration, Bundle’s marketing website was implemented directly using Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

TrackIt demonstrated expertise in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) by swiftly deploying new demo and production environments using Terraform workspaces. The deployed infrastructure consisted of an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), PostgreSQL-based Amazon RDS for database storage, Amazon ECR for Docker image storage, and Amazon ECS for container orchestration. The secure handling of sensitive information was achieved through the integration of SOPS for secrets management. 

An Amazon Elastic Load Balancer was utilized for distributing traffic, and Amazon CloudFront served as the front end for CraftCMS through the Load Balancer. Continuous integration and deployment were streamlined through AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline, creating an efficient pipeline for building and deploying CraftCMS Docker images on ECS. Additionally, a Bastion EC2 instance was implemented to enhance security and control access to the infrastructure.

Data Lake Implementation

Bundle was utilizing a CMS to manage its content but faced challenges in accessing essential business and operational insights. To overcome these challenges, TrackIt implemented a customized data lake.

Data Lake Workflow Overview

Data extracted from diverse sources was stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. Subsequently, a specialized pipeline managed the cleaning and aggregation of data essential for daily operations. This processed data was then transferred to a database, establishing a reliable foundation for analytics. Leveraging Tableau, meaningful insights were extracted from this database, contributing to improved decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Data Lake Architecture

TrackIt’s DevOps Expertise

Bundle continues to leverage TrackIt’s DevOps expertise to actively monitor the availability of its web application, such as the implementation of alarms and recurring health checks.

“I would strongly recommend TrackIt to a company looking to develop a new web platform. TrackIt is a kind of company that prides itself on delivering thoughtful recommendations to its clients that make sense to them based on their individual needs. I know that when they provide us with their recommendation they are looking out for our best interests and needs. TrackIt is an exceptional partner who really listens to their clients and strives to go above and beyond to deliver time and time again.”

– Jordan Smith, Chief of Operations, Bundle

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