Amazon EKS – Secure and Scalable Managed Kubernetes Service. 

As an advanced Tier Services Partner, TrackIt  can help deploy Amazon EKS, the ideal solution for running Kubernetes on AWS without the overhead of managing the infrastructure. Amazon EKS makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale your containerized applications on the AWS cloud.

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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a fully managed Kubernetes service that makes it easy to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install, operate, and maintain your own Kubernetes master nodes. Amazon EKS is secure, reliable, and provides a highly available and automatically scalable underlying infrastructure to meet the demands of your workloads.

With Amazon EKS, you can easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Kubernetes on AWS. Amazon EKS is designed to be highly available, with multiple master nodes and automatic failover to ensure that your Kubernetes cluster is always up and running. Additionally, Amazon EKS is integrated with AWS services like Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon EC2, and Amazon VPC to provide a seamless experience for deploying and managing your Kubernetes applications.

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  • Focus on application development, not infrastructure management
  • High availability and automatic scaling for increased uptime and performance
  • Seamless integration with AWS services for a simplified deployment experience
  • Secure by default with built-in security features
  • Use familiar Kubernetes tools and APIs for a seamless migration experience

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About TrackIt

TrackIt, an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner based in Marina del Rey, CA, offers a range of cloud management, consulting, and software development solutions. Their expertise includes Modern Software Development, DevOps, Infrastructure-As-Code, Serverless, CI/CD, and Containerization, with a focus on Media & Entertainment workflows, High-Performance Computing environments, and data storage.

TrackIt excels in cutting-edge software design, particularly in the areas of containerization, serverless architectures, and pipeline development. The company’s team of experts can help you design and deploy a custom solution tailored to your specific needs.

In addition to cloud management and modern software development services, TrackIt also provides an open-source AWS cost management tool to help users optimize their costs and resources on the platform. With its innovative approach and expertise, TrackIt is the ideal partner for organizations seeking to maximize the potential of their cloud infrastructure.

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