TrackIt App

The TrackIt App monitors your AWS cloud deployments and helps optimize your spending. With features such as Spend Tracking, Cost Optimization Insights, and Anomaly Detection, the TrackIt App is the ideal tool for companies looking to get the most out of their cloud deployments.


Tagbot is a simple, affordable, and effective tagging tool that helps you monitor and manage your AWS resources. Tagbot provides companies with the necessary visibility they need to monitor their AWS resources and scale deployments without having to worry about losing track of their cloud costs.

TrackIt AI Video Reviewer

The AI Video Reviewer is an AI/ML-powered smart review and content curation tool that helps you streamline and automate your video editing processes. It is a web-based solution that can be used by non-editorial staff to quickly analyze videos for specific vocabulary and imagery.


TrackFlix Allows You to Quickly Set Up and Launch Your Own Customized Netflix-style Video Library With Minimum Hassle.