There are growing requirements for on-demand HPC computing driven by the steady growth of historic use cases like scientific simulations, computational fluid dynamics, and financial modeling, as well as rapid advances in emerging industries such as biotech and technologies like machine learning. TrackIt’s decades of experience in building solutions for high-performance computing environments combined with deep AWS expertise can accelerate your ability to leverage the cloud and realize its business benefits.


Biotech: Genomic Sequencing. Molecular Microscopy
Media & Entertainment: Animation and VFX Rendering, Processing & Transcoding
Product Design: Electronic Design Automation, Mechanical Simulation
Classic Supercomputing: Fluid Dynamics, Molecular and Particular Simulation, Weather
Emerging Use Cases: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


TrackIt’s focus on software development is a true enabler for companies building next-generation DevOps practices. More than just being able to stand up and deploy infrastructure on AWS, we always take an Infrastructure as Code approach to provide you with automated, repeatable, and scalable DevOps practices. We tailor our engagements precisely for your DevOp needs. Consider TrackIt’s DevOps services if…


You can’t get to your backlog

You need expertise with specialized workflows (especially media & entertainment or high-performance computing workflows)

You’re looking for short or long term staff augmentation




At TrackIt, we understand that storage can be a major hidden factor affecting the overall efficiency and performance of your infrastructure, as well as its Achilles heel when things go wrong. Worse still, storage is often the most unfamiliar computing domain and where the least time is spent on optimal architecture. Clients leverage our team’s 23+ years of expertise in storage to help assess, architect, and deploy the right solution and manage it effectively.

Object Storage: AWS S3, Ceph, Scality Ring, DDN WOS
Block Storage: AWS EBS, On-Prem SAS, iSCI, FC, IB & NVMe Products
File Systems: AWS EFS, FSx for Lustre & FSx for Windows, Qumulo, Quantum StorNext, IBM SpectrumScale (GPFS), DDN Exascaler & Gridscaler, Pixit, Weka.io, Nexenta, SoftNAS, Isilon, ZFS

Software Development

In addition to our software-focused DevOps approach, TrackIt has special expertise (whether hosted in the cloud or not) in User Interface and User Experience design and coding for both front-end, back-end, and full-stack application development as well as API integration and workflow automation. TrackIt’s clients for software development services span the breadth from hardware product manufacturers to on-line startups.

Financial Services

TrackIt was tasked by a large e-retailer to rebuild its entire order management system and implement a solution that interfaces with multiple third-party APIs (Shopify, Avalara, Accertify, HighJump)

Programming Languages


  • Golang logoGolang
  • Python logoPython
  • React logoReact
  • Vue.js logoVue.js
  • Node.js logoNode.js
  • Typescript logoTypescript