Hexagonal Architecture Workshop

Hexagonal Architecture Workshop

TrackIt recently conducted a workshop on Hexagonal Architecture that demonstrated how to reduce bugs, increase velocity, and improve flexibility when designing applications on AWS. 

What is Hexagonal Architecture?

Hexagonal Architecture (HA) is an architectural pattern used in software design that focuses on building loosely-coupled interchangeable application components or modules that can easily be connected using ports or adapters. 

Hexagonal Architecture allows developers to avoid the structural pitfalls of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) such as undesired dependencies between layers and contamination of user interfaces with business logic. HA’s modular approach facilitates the testing of business logic in isolation from external systems and enables companies to update technologies with less impact.

What is Covered in the Workshop?

The Hexagonal Architecture Workshop is structured into four main sections: 

  1. Introduction to Hexagonal Architecture 
  2. General examples 
  3. Testing procedures
  4. A detailed Serverless Example (with Code)
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Loyalty System Example from the Hexagonal Architecture Workshop


Testing Pyramid discussed in the Hexagonal Architecture Workshop

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Integration testing discussed in the Hexagonal Architecture Workshop

How to Access the Workshop

Readers can access the Hexagonal Architecture Workshop at the following link: