Client Case Study: Fuse Media

The Need For A Solution That Would Help Save Time In the Post-Production Editing Process

♦  Desired an AI/ML web-based tool to aid in the automated curation of video assets

Client Case Study: Bundle

The Initial Need for Deeper Expertise in Amazon Chime SDK

(1) Bundle needed deep expertise on Amazon Chime SDK

(2) They were looking for a long-term app-development partner

Client Case Study: Sinfin

The Need for a Solution That Simplifies Deployments & Automates Updates

(1) The company needed a solution that would help simplify the deployment of the SpreadSuite platform for new clients

(2) The Sinfin team also wanted a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline that would help them automatically update the SpreadSuite platform

Client Case Study: Studio 4D

The Need For A Solution That Provides an Interactive Video Experience to Large Audiences

The Studio 4D team needed a solution to provide a cloud-based virtual walkthrough experience for large audiences (500+) for its interactive demos of architectural environments created and pixel-streamed via Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation platform that Studio 4D leverages to build its virtual environments.

Client Case Study: Cobra USA

The Need to Migrate

In August of 2020, Cobra USA needed to urgently migrate its website away from a cloud provider that was shuttering its hosting business. The company was looking for a quick and easy lift-and-shift of its infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. Mission, a partner of TrackIt, made the introduction to assist Cobra in its migration.

Client Case Study: Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions

The Need to Migrate From On-Premise To The Cloud

In August of 2020, Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions decided to lift-and-shift its on-premise file storage to a solution hosted on the AWS cloud. The company had two separate file storage solutions; one located on a Windows system and a second using a Mac Mini mounted on an external NAS storage system. The two data stores were used for accounting data, email backups, user files, phone records, and other general backup files; and also to share files across the company. Avant-Garde wanted to move its infrastructure to the cloud as it no longer wanted to manage, maintain, or refresh on-premise servers in its offices.

Lacking the necessary technical expertise to handle the lift-and-shift internally, the Avant-Garde team decided to search for companies who could assist them with the migration and found TrackIt through a recommendation.

Client Case Study: Jukin Media

Jukin Media is an online entertainment company that identifies shareable or otherwise compelling user-generated videos, enters into licensing partnerships with the video owners, then licenses the videos for use in advertisements, on TV shows, and in the news media in the US and throughout the world.

Read more: Jukin Media 

Client Case Study: Qumulo

Building A Sophisticated Cloud Calculator With A Simple User Interface

As Qumulo’s users started taking their first steps into cloud deployments, it became obvious that the process of selecting an appropriate solution required a new set of tools to help them build an optimal storage configuration for their particular needs.

Pixelogic Media – Archive Workflow

Automated Archive to AWS

Pixelogic Media recognized the pressing need for a sustainable archiving solution to free up their over-utilized on-premises storage environment

Client Case Study: Paradox Interactive

Gaining a Better Understanding of AWS spending

Todd Daugherty, Senior Developer at Paradox Interactive, recognized the need of a better understanding of their AWS spending. Read the case study to see how TrackIt helped them to increase their spending visibility.

Client Case Study: Muzeek

Effective Monitoring of Cost Evolution on AWS

Muzeek – a startup in the music industry – was in need of a means to accurately predict the evolution of their cloud costs on AWS. Here’s how TrackIt’s Cost & Resource Optimization AI helped them.

Client Case Study: ClixTV

Value Transcending Mere Cost Control

ClixTV’s CTO Eric Januszko recognized the need for a system that would allow him to manage their cloud costs on AWS. Read the case study to learn more about how TrackIt helped ClixTV get closer to its objectives.

Client Case Study: Healthline MNT

AWS Consolidating

In order to streamline and simplify the process of managing the cloud infrastructure for multiple websites, Healthline’s plan was to consolidate all their cloud infrastructure belonging to different websites under a single umbrella – Amazon Web Services (AWS).