White Paper: FSx For Lustre

Deploying an Ephemeral Parallel File System for High Performance Computing

Building public cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) environments that require fast parallel file
system access hasn’t always been easy. While it’s a relatively simple task to spin up hundreds or even
thousands of instances in AWS, if they all have to share the same data – as is generally the case in
HPC – standard file serving solutions such as AWS Elastic File System (EFS) don’t typically scale to
meet the requirement of keeping the compute running at peak utilization.

Client Case Study: Healthline – MNT

AWS Consolidating

In order to streamline and simplify the process of managing the cloud infrastructure for multiple websites, Healthline’s plan was to consolidate all their cloud infrastructure belonging to different websites under a single umbrella – Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Client Case Study: ClixTV

Value Transcending Mere Cost Control

ClixTV’s CTO Eric Januszko recognized the need for a system that would allow him to manage their cloud costs on AWS. Read the case study to learn more about how TrackIt helped ClixTV get closer to its objectives.

Client Case Study: Muzeek

Effective Monitoring of Cost Evolution on AWS

Muzeek – a startup in the music industry – was in need of a means to accurately predict the evolution of their cloud costs on AWS. Here’s how TrackIt’s Cost & Resource Optimization AI helped them.

Client Case Study: Paradox Interactive

Gaining a Better Understanding of AWS spending

Todd Daugherty, Senior Developer at Paradox Interactive, recognized the need of a better understanding of their AWS spending. Read the case study to see how TrackIt helped them to increase their spending visibility.